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Recording & Vinyl

The C-KEYS Philosophy Music . One word that means so much to many. The founder of CKEYS knows the strength and power of music: not only its ability to attract and bring together the masses, but most importantly sooth the soul. CKEYS was founded on the principal of creating, producing, promoting, and making music that affects the world. Reinforcing the core mentality of the production of only the highest quality music, CKEYS main focus is simply that the production of music. Working with the people and giving back to the world is the main goal of the company. Love and passion for music founded this company, but its astounding effect on the masses fuels it to keep going.

Contact Name: Cole Rippe


523 Northwood Rd. 
West Palm Beach, Florida 33407

Phone: 305-303-8978


the galleries of Northwood village

Historic Northwood Art Walk